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Dear Aman Reizen,

On behalf of the Radhadesh Temple here in Durbuy we would like to thank you for the wonderful services you have constantly given to us over the last 3 years. Whenever any of our members desire to travel to India, there is only one place we can go to; its not any internet site or any other travelling agency, it is only Aman Reizen we contact! The simple reason for that is the fact you are unmatched in your quality of service to your clients: you find us the best ticket possible, often a direct flight, yet somehow still the same price as the cheapest deal or even better than what you will find online. Additionally you always do your best to provide us with a suitable meal choice, good luggage allowance, and anything else that is needed. We very much appreciate as well the fact that whether it is by phone or by email the answer comes usually the same day and everything goes very smoothly and quickly.
Honestly, if you wish to travel to India from Belgium or from the Netherlands there simply is no better option for price, convenience, and easiness.. than Aman Reizen. We highly recommend their services to all and we look forward to booking future travels with them again and again.

Hare Krsna,
Manu ( Radhadesh member)